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Architectural Design Consultation

To kick start your house improvement project, we get together with you for an in depth design consultation. We will look into your ideas and this is where your ideas come to reality. It’s a process where we get to know about your property and requirement, this will help us to explore the design possibility and what you want to gain from your home improvement.

Through the 1st discussion , we will be able to create initial design concepts and architectural sketches and guide you through the house improvement process and advise you on potential construction matters, architectural planning , building agreement and all government authorities guide lines and requirement.

Interior Design Consultation

First Impression matter , and the initial consultation between designer and client is no exception.

Our consultation is free and our strategy is simple and straight forward : We outline our philosophy of designs for client , chat and get to know each other and usually know quickly if we “click”. Through the light hearted meet up , we will be able to know your requirement, budget and design preference. This is important for us to follow up draughting out our 1st design proposal for you.

We established a policy of only taking in client who , like us , are kind, honest and enthusiastic and the client is best serve with honesty and sincerity


Interior Renovation

Interior Design Renovation- we work within your budget. We are design firm that follows through from pre to pro of the renovation process.

Wrong material used to tile the floor? wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and other carpentry installation not done properly? nobody to supervise the renovation works at the site? unable to get your house to move in on time? All these problems would not happen if you have a trusted interior designer with you that have 25 more years of experience. We know what will go wrong and more importantly, what will make the renovation process a smooth and successful work done. We will hand over the project on time, quality check, and for you to move into your new home in bliss and joy.

Exterior and Interior Furnishing

Designing a new space for your home or office is an exciting time. It's also a very stressful time. There are so many decisions to make, from colours and materials to furniture styles and lampshades. How do you know what will look good? Our designers are experts when it comes to choosing the right colours, materials and designs to suit your taste while also creating a harmonious ambience that complements the overall design of your project.

Our job is to help you find the perfect look for your space. We work closely with our clients to create beautiful living and working areas that are practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are looking for something classic or edgy, we can help you create the ideal exterior or interior style.

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