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Specializing in Architectural Design Consultation, Interior Design Consultation, Interior Furnishing & Renovation Services

With our rich experiences in interior design and building construction works, Decomax is a design firm founded in 1995 by Mr Geoffrey Law, an Architectural Technology and Graphics Arts Design professional. The firm was established to create a vibrant living space emphasizing the combine stylish comfort with natural beauty. We take things up a notch with unique ornamental furnishing and accessories for a complete architectural and interior design for your one and only home.

As one of the authorized dealers for world-renowed and prestigious brands, Decomax places paramount importance on a commitment to quality, after sales services and most importantly, personal touch to every client. We honor our commitment to give the finest quality of artistry and unparallelled architectural & interior expertise. Our design philosophy is to bring personal style and excitement back into home design. We want to re-ignite the passion for living in a world where exquisite design, fine materials, and craftsmanship are everyday luxuries.


mission & vision

Design That Blends & Create Personal Charm

Decomax Interior Classic Specializes in Architectural Design Consultation, Interior Design Consultation, Interior Renovation and Furnishing services for clients who need to spruce up their living space and renovate their dream home. Our mission is to provide the best quality design, server and products that add charm to your home and bring out the best of your lifestyle. With over 25 years of experience, we provide designs and implement ideas that help you create your ideal home, no matter how big or small in space and budget.

To Become Your One-Stop Design Partner

We specialize in customized interior and concept designing, including construction, renovations and home furnishings arrangements. Your house is much more than just bricks and mortar. We understand the interior of your home is integral to your wellbeing and comfort, to your privacy and security. By working closely with our clients and their interior ideas & planning, we strive to offer the best design and renovation service to add value to their space to turn their dream home into a reality.

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