About Decomax

Decomax, said its director Geoffrey Law, was birthed out of passion. With Geoffrey’s education in architectural technology and graphic arts, he build his know-how and experience in interior design and building construction works with the aim of eventual starting his own design firm. In 1995, he took the leap of faith, starting up and building Decomax single-handedly.

Now, having run his own firm for 19 years, Geoffrey operates Decomax Pte Ltd by approaching every project with the aim of a fully customized piece of work. Design, according to Geoffrey, is about exploring new ideas and concepts and not being afraid to take up new challenges. And to maintain quality control and excellent services, the firm manages a select number of projects at a time. As an all-round design firm, Decomax does not only design the interior of a space. It goes beyond the call of duty, studying the project in its totality so that architecture, interior design and styling fit together perfectly.